Studio Ghibli Plush – AWESOMAGE!

Celebrate your love of all things Ghibli, the most revered animation house in Japan, with this wonderful new line of plush toys.

You could choose Calcifer, the Fire Demon who’s locked into a magical contract with the Wizard Howl. Or perhaps No Face, who can ingest individuals so that he can gain their physical and personality traits. There’s also Jiji, the magical talking cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, or Heen, the errand dog of Madam Suliman. Or go with Boh Mouse (we universally voted against carrying Boh Baby), get Ootori-sama for your own personal bathhouse, or take a spin with Cat Bus, who’s ready to take you away. You can even put the Soot Sprite in your window with the provided suction cup. So many options. So much imagination.