Twinkly String Lights – AWESOMAGE!

Twinkly String Lights

‘Tis the season to add strings of lights to our houses! As the Earth continues to add hours of darkness to our day, we often look to festive lighting to keep our nights merry and bright. Whether you put holiday lights on a tree, along your mantlepiece, around your windows, or on the shrubbery outside, twinkling lights add to the festivity of the season. And these Twinkly String Lights put the power of a personal light show right in your hands. Literally. You control them with an app on your phone.

As seen on Kickstarter, this string of 56 5mm LED lights attach to trees like conventional string lights, but, once in place, can present a magical light show, one of your own design. Arrange them indoors or out, and then use the app to customize their display. Using your phone’s camera, the app automatically detects where the LEDs are located in your arrangement, so it’s easy to get the effect you want. You can even group multiple Twinkly light strings together for even more effects. Program your Twinkly lights to display one of a variety of patterns and color schemes, either from pre-made effects in the app’s gallery, or you can create or draw your own animations. The combinations are unlimited. Then share your creations with friends and on social networks. You can also share your effects as animated GIFs.