Up at 3AM Kitty Fur Trim Backpack – AWESOMAGE!

Up at 3AM Kitty Fur Trim Backpack

What is it with cats and the middle of the night? Try to get some shuteye, and Miss Kitty thinks that it’s the perfect time to play with your feet (there’s movement under those covers, must be dangerous!). Exploring a spooky back alley in a horror movie? Of course the alley cat is going to pounce onto some metal garbage cans and grab your flashlight’s attention away from real dangers. Just some little reminders from our feline friends about who owns the night: it’s them. The cats. They do.

But you too could be a master of the night, if you had this kitty companion! By day, it’s a furry feline with a cute heart-shaped nose and two yellow crescent moon eyes, helpfully watching your back and carrying all of your essential items. At night (or whenever you decide), kitty’s eyes light up and glow green. You can also set this little kitty’s glowing peepers to blink, fast or slow, for an even more eye-catching effect. Now who owns the night? It’s you. You do.