Wearable Sled Legs – AWESOMAGE!

Easy to put on, simple to wear, and fun to use, these Sled Legs are made of a strong ABS plastic sled and a molded interior foam for comfort as you slide down. This foam is rigid and does not move because security and comfort are just as important as fun in the wintertime. This wearable sled protects your knees and keeps your toes from dragging, and allows you to be in complete control of your ride down any snow-covered hill. Slide down. Run up. Repeat. It’s that simple! You can enjoy the unending fun of sleds and toboggans without the hassle of lugging them back up the hill every time you want to go again. The simple joy of sledding is matched here with the control of skis because with Sled Legs you can stop and turn on a dime. With Sled Legs, you’ll be able to stay out all day riding down hills with your kids. Buy a pair for yourself today and start a memory you’ll want to recreate every winter! Package includes one pair of Sled Legs.